Our garments

Our pieces are built in limited editions, because both, fabrics and designs, are unique. Our colour palette is customized, we do not use industry standards, but we create each tonality combining the entire range of colours that technology allows us.

The garments are sewn, one by one, by hand, following traditional methods. This creative process guarantees exclusivity, as well as the highest quality and care for detail.

Our garments are timeless, with a vintage style and, at the same time, modern because they take into account the needs of the women of our time.

They are the expression of a feeling. It’s not about what we wear but how we feel when we put it on.

They are dedicated to women who know who they are and want to be seen but also want to be remembered by themselves and not by their clothes. We make our own the phrase of Coco Chanel “Dress vulgarly and they will remember the dress, dress elegantly and they will remember the woman”.

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