For ULTRAMMAR, sustainability is not a choice. It is something we believe in, a philosophy of life. A destination we are heading for. A trip that never ends.

Our mission is to create high quality products, sustainable and that exceed the passage of time.

All of them are made in Spain, by hand. A large part of our production is carried out by the PREORDER system, which guarantees the minimization of both raw materials and waste.

We choose our suppliers that they comply with international safety and health standards and all our fabrics are certified according to different regulations of respect for the environment.

We work with companies around us to promote local development and reduce emissions from transport, trying to leave the least possible ecological print.

Most of our garments are made of silk and timeless designs, which transcend fashion and are made to last.

Our packaging is manufactured manually, with recycled materials by labor insertion companies and we take part in the development of society through collaborations with non-profit entities

Therefore, our products are labelled under the slogan of Live Air.


We encourage you to participate in this adventure because we know that our concerns coincide with yours and that, as consumers, we need to buy less and choose better.

We want to ask you not to store the clothes but to put them on, to take care of them and to keep them. Not to buy more than you need and to choose well. We would like you to join our community and share with us our lifestyle and our values

Just as I inherited from my mother all the treasures that came from overseas, we would like your ULTRAMMAR garments to be part of your legacy.

Foto decorativa tela
Foto proceso creación de las prendas

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