Our brand

ULTRAMMAR is a brand born in 2022 that recreates a personal universe in which art, travels, cultural miscegenation, craftsmanship and history mix in equal parts and give life to a new own and, at the same time, universal language. A world in which beauty is important, but never leaving aside values such as tradition and respect for people and nature.

Overseas, Ultramar in Spanish, was the place where all the beautiful things came from. A paradise where many dreams come true. My name is María Martín and at least that’s what I thought as a child. The story of a large part of my family was forged far from our Asturian lands, beyond the seas, at a time when emigration was almost the only way out for our people. And from there, year after year, the most precious objects arrived. Tablecloths, cutlery and crockery came from overseas, Manila shawls and mahogany furniture and, later on, makeup, perfumes and silk stockings.


“From overseas has come everything beautiful that you see in this house” used to say my great-grandmother, then my grandmother and finally my mother, all heirs of those treasures.

And overseas was the paradise where everything beautiful was guarded, and that’s why my company is called ULTRAMMAR (overseas) because that name also contains a double M that symbolizes the initials of mine, María Martín, and, at the same time represent the sea and the mountain, what I like most about my homeland.

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